You will love our features

kbtower will provide you with everything you need for a fully functional knowledge base.

Why choose us?

A free knowledge base that you can actually use.

Unlimited content

You get unlimited number of help articles and FAQs. Organize them in sections and assign them tags.

Unlimited staff members

Unlike others, we do not limit you in the number of people that can work on a project.

Own domain

Bring your own domain with our free plan or use a kbtower subdomain. With our free plan!

There's no need to register in order to try kbtower. You can create a demo knowledge base by using just your work email. We will build a website just for you and send you the credentials.

Create demo knowledge base


Encrypted backups

We take privacy and security seriously. We backup our data regularly and store it on an encrypted storage.

Give your users a seamless experience

Advanced branding

You can customize everything in your knowledge base. Bring your brand to kbtower and give your users a seamless experience.

Choose your language

Build your knowledge base in one of our supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian.

SEO package

This package gives you the ability to specify your meta data, gives you SEO-friendly URLs and rich snippets so search engines can understand your content better.

Automatic redirects

Your seo-friendly URLs correspond to your titles. You want to change the title? No problem. We will make a 301 redirect and your users won't even notice.

kbtower is mobile ready

kbtower comes mobile ready out of the box. Your knowledge base will look great on any device and screen size. Use it on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Mobile ready

Track failed searches

With our knowledge base software you will be able to track your failed searches. kbtower considers a failed search every search that does not return results and does not contain errors.

The failed searches are then summarised in your management area and you can take action on them. You can write a help article or FAQ or simply dismiss the phrase.

By using failed search regularly you get a better understanding of how your users use your knowledge base. You can also quickly identify gaps in your content and fill them.

The failed searches feature comes with our free plan, so everyone can enjoy it.

Multiple layout options

With kbtower you can choose how your knowledge base will look. We offer different layouts for your content and each layout is assigned per project.

Currently we offer two. The first one is with the sidebar on the right side. You also have a header area that you can customize with a search bar. The second one has the sidebar on the left and skips the header area to keep you content as high as possible. The search bar is in the sidebar.

We are currently working on more layouts and you can enjoy all of them with our Free plan.

Lists and widgets

Lists are a flexible way to organize your content. Use drag and drop content to easily reorder your list. You can then display it on the homepage, or use a widget and embed the list in a third-party website.

Widgets are small javascript snippets that allow you to embed your content. You can specify a list of domains that will be able to display your widget so you don't have to worry about unauthorized usage.

Widgets are also fully customizable. You can specify fonts, sizes, colors and behavior. This means that you can embed them seamlessly in any website and have your content feel like it belongs there.

The lists and widgets feature comes with our free plan.

Advanced features

Some things for the true professionals



You need your help articles and FAQs in a mobile app or somewhere else? No worries. We provide an API for developers. You can use it to integrate kbtower with your system.


Feedback module

Give your users the ability to give back. With this module you will know if your content is useful to them or not. They will also be able to give you feedback that you can then take action on.


Document versioning

Each content change is saved. You made a mistake? Don't worry. Just revise the older versions of your document.

Spell Checker

Spell checker

Are typos annoying you as much as they annoy us? Good. We have added a spell checker to our rich editor for typo-free help articles and FAQs.

kbtower is your knowledge base organizer

No registration is required to test kbtower. You can create a demo knowledge base by using just your work. We will then send you credentials to your private demo site that will be active for 14 days. You can convert to full account at any time.